Here some of my projects are highlighted. Unfortunately, this page is very prone to be outdated fairly quickly, because I am still a student and many projects are school-projects I extended and put a lot of time into it or are there to prove a point or to try out something new I learned.


Those are some highlights, but I left out a lot. Those can be found on my Git* profiles (see Coding) πŸ˜‡

Android Apps

Here my Android Apps can be found πŸ˜„

Schober Clicker

This was the first thing that came to my mind, when I wanted to make my first Android App. In the beginning it really just was a simple button which increased an Integer and this was displayed on a TextView. Later on I learned during the development of this app how to save the score, add preferences (settings), add animations, Google Play integration ...
When I look back now, I find many things that I would do now differently, and some things even annoy me a bit. But I really like looking back to this app, because in some sense, it is where it all started.

Schober Orakel

After Schober Clicker, I wanted to do another app. This is it. It is pretty simple, and I didn't "overload" it with (useless?) features as in Schober Clicker. I am pretty happy with it, but I find it quite interesting, that back when I developed it, I didn't know what a constructor was. So I wrote my own initialization functions πŸ˜….
But as said before, I find it quite fascinating how my coding style since then changed.

3D Models

Here my 3D models can be found πŸ₯³

Panzer IV AusfΓΌhrung H

I wanted to model something and this is it.
It is not perfect, but feel free to use it πŸ˜‰

Creative Commons LizenzvertragPanzer IV by 2tefan is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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