Hi there 👋

My name is Stefan, and I love coding in my free time :)
You can find my projects under Projects. Now and then I also like to take some pictures; some of the better ones you can find under Photos. 😊

Binary is for computers 🏳️‍🌈

I identify as non-binary and here are my pronouns.


Simple and easy 😁

Subject Object Possessive Adjective Possessive Reflexive Opinion
Ze Zir Zirs Zirs Zirself Preferred 😊
They Them Their Theirs Themself Also fine 🙂


Why is German so complicated? 🙃

Type of pronoun Nominativ Genitiv Dativ Akkusativ
Personalpronomen Xier Xieser Xiem Xien
Relativpronomen Dier Dies Diem Dien
Possessivpronomen Maskulin Xies Xieses Xiesem Xiesen
Feminin Xiese Xieser Xieser Xiese
Neutrum Xies Xieses Xiesem Xiesen
kein Geschlecht Xiesa Xiesas Xiesam Xiesan